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Practical Roadmap for Securing Third Party and Supplier Ecosystem

Every organization consumes and delivers product and services. We are all in the middle of a supply chain.

The frequency and sophistication of cyber threats targeting third parties and suppliers have increased exponentially in recent years, necessitating a robust and proactive approach to cyber risk management. 

Whether you are involved in the BEAD program for funding, a medical device manufacturer, or a credit union, this easy to implement guide offers concrete practices to develop a supplier risk management program in fewer than six months.


Download this easy to implement guide for:

  • Brief overview of supply chain attacks

  • 5-step process to build a supply chain risk management initiative

  • Description of tools needed e.g. policies, creating supplier maps, contract language etc.

  • Dashboard and Assessment examples

  • 4 actions to further mature your program

Build a secure network of suppliers

Supply Chain Security Roadmap

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